Clock, Watch and Jewellery Cleaning Fluids

UK Suppliers of Horological Cleaning Fluids

H & P Storey have been suppliers of horological cleaning fluids to the clock, watch and jewellery industry since 1990.

What is horological cleaning fluid?

Horology is the art of the measurement of time.
Instruments used include clocks and watches, the internal movements of which need maintaining.
Horological cleaning fluid is used in the clock and watch industry, during repair or restoration, to remove oil, tarnish and dirt from the internal parts of the clock or watch movement.
Additionally, some jewellers also use horological cleaning fluid to clean items of jewellery.

Our cleaning fluid is easy to use, for cleaning clock and watch mechanisms, and cleaning jewellery too.
Simply leave the items to soak in a suitable container, or an ultrasonic tank if available.
The soaking time will vary depending upon the amount of dirt, oil and debris. Commonly, this is somewhere between an hour and overnight.

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